Born in 1979, in Detroit Michigan with a life of transition and movement ahead. As a child from two homes, perspectives from the airplane as well as the road created views of connectivity in the greater picture. I was born into a life or death family as my older sister had severe health issues and was not expected to live. She does continue with many operations and medical assistance on a regular basis. These themes transition, life and death set the stage for what my focus would become.

As a young teenager, I began painting murals in my homes beginning with the question how to depict God. I also built, painted and designed sets for theatre begning in 1995 through 2000. I was enthralled with the ability to create a view into an entire world of human relatioship and transformation of character. Mid degree, at the University of Kansas, I was drawn to exploring my own themes in Fine Arts. Instantly I found drawing and painting the human figure, landscapes, fruits and flesh provided much needed contemplative time to explore my connection to organic life.  

I studied abroad in Stoke-on-Trent, England in 2001 and began my studio practice. It was there, that I learned I had a deep desire to create work that observes the visceral, to allow acceptance of it. While visiting many large art museums in Europe I was inspired by the religious art to find a language that could talk about humanity and transformation with inclusion to the human experience beyond specific religions. 

I brought my studio work to Seattle in 2002 where my husband became a Naturopathic Doctor and we home birthed four children. Birthing was a huge gift of how to surrender to pain, how to let the pain be a messenger for learning and eventually bring great joy.  I found that if I just trusted the process and relaxed in the midst of pain I could still enjoy myself even in the midst of difficulty. Our second daughter passed suddenly and unexpectedly at eight weeks old, she has been a teacher to me of the very death I grew up fearing. Learning that death is quiet, it is nothing to fear, just as solidly a living experience as is any other act in life. Assisting my subsequent children through their encounters of great social and personal pain has given me the chance to practice another layer of hearing pain's message, supporting with love and allowing transformation.  As I move through our good life I find my work teaches me how to view the difficult and bring it to ease as well as embracing moments of beauty and pleasure when they occur.