My work attempts to connect people through their similar experiences.  I create a visual field that invites people from all paths to partake in an intimate journey of transforming pain into acceptance. Through this acceptance, compassion for the self can be found and with this comes compassion for others. I have found this process to be at the core of many spiritual practices and a basic need of all people. I embrace it in my own work.

I have chosen to develop a common visual language of natural imagery to communicate about the common goal of personal development. The comfort of familiar elements appears (fruits, intestines, bone) as well as an opening to the unknown abstracted space. Thick, raw and intentionally composed marks build upon thin layers of wash to provide depth of texture and application of paint as a sensual experience. This visual field creates a conscious space for the viewer to travel within the architectural construct of the image. Iā€™m inspired by the soulful imagery of iconic religious art, mandalas, indigenous art and visionary work. These works act as visual reminders to hold on to our ideals of self-realization, reminders to do the work so we can connect to our good. 

This series is based on the scientific process of a solid mass transforming into a light veil of gas. As wood transforms through fire into smoke so does pain transform through acceptance into compassion. This process begins with looking at what is present. Through breath and observance in the body, the pain is allowed to complete its cycle and transform into a past experience that rises and billows. Eventually the experience disperses into tiny particles that connects to all the particles of other shared experiences in humanity.