My work is in abstracting forms in nature to such a distance that the emotion and spirituality of humanity remains. Using concepts of Abstract painting to evoke emotion with form, color and paint application I attempt to find a core human language.  Honest and raw, paint marks build together to lay ambiguous forms, a blurred perspective from the image mimics the internal process of contemplation. The comfort of familiar elements and the opening to the unknown connections, create a conscious space for the viewer to inhabit within the architectural construct of the image. A mental landscape in which to explore concepts of human connection to self, each other, the organic and the space between. Upon closely viewing the paint, depth of texture and application provide a sensual experience that occurs in the third dimension with the body participating with the work in the present moment. 

Through research of various spiritual practices I have found the process of transformation to be at the core of many. To acknowledge a difficulty then bring it to a greater power than the self, so that it might evolve into a work for the greater good. My own truth is through accepting the visceral being as a way to find peace and pleasure allowing the present sensation to travel through the body, mind and soul as a message. The rise and billow of a feeling, a situation, or a thought is met by luminous vapors, it holds for a moment suspended in the air, then dissipates into the atmosphere. The occurrence does not vanish entirely, but lightens into the mass of all shared experiences.