My work is bringing pain to acceptance and allowing that transformation to teach compassion. I do so through abstracting natural forms that all humans encounter on a daily basis, what remains share similar rhythms, colors and textures as do the humans that encounter them. The comfort of familiar elements and the opening to the unknown connections, create a conscious space for the viewer to inhabit within the architectural construct of the image. Honest and raw paint marks build together to allow a blurred perspective, that focuses on the pain, pleasure and transformation that we share globally. The paint provides depth of texture and application as a sensual experience that occurs in the third dimension with the present participant. Iā€™m inspired by the soulful imagery of iconic religious art, mandalas, indigenous art and visionary work in the development of a visual field, in which the viewer is provided a space to reflect on the connection to self, each other, the greater and the space between. 

Solid masses transform into light veils of gas. This processes begins with acceptance of what is, through breath, and allowing the weathering of time to transform the current state into what will follow. The rise and billow of a feeling, a situation, or a thought is met by luminous vapors, it holds for a moment suspended in the air, then dissipates into the atmosphere. The occurrence does not vanish entirely, but lightens into the mass of all shared experiences.